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Club Account Savings

Save Money. Pain Free! Our Club Account is the smart and easy way to save.

Consider the fact that Finance and Thrift has been helping customers save and grow their money since 1925. We are deposit account experts and one of our most popular and unique accounts is our Club Account Savings.

Open your account now with as little as $5 and start saving money the smart way! Finance and Thrift’s Club Account is the Central Valley’s best kept secret and now we want to invite you to join.

The Finance and Thrift Club Account is a great way to save money for anything: Vacations, autos, furniture or just for a rainy day. Open yours right away and begin making regular deposits each payday or whenever you like. Your account earns interest… of course! And there’s no risk because your money is FDIC insured up to $250,000.

This is the smart and simple solution to resolve to save money and provide extra peace of mind knowing you’ll be ready for life’s ups and downs– whatever they may be.

Stop in to your nearest Finance and Thrift location and our friendly Customer Service Representatives can get you signed up and saving money today!

Call (877) 274-6614 for more information on this or any Finance and Thrift product.

Withdrawals only allowed during the annual grace period (Oct. 15 – Dec 31), and are subject to seven days’ advance notice. Penalties may apply to withdrawals prior to Oct. 15. An excessive withdrawal fee will be charged for each withdrawal in excess of six during a month.

See Understanding Your Deposit Account Brochure for more information.